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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Neo Soul Sound Session: The Alternative Rock Sound - Vol. 1

By Sean
Editor-in-Chief, Neo Soul Today

This Neo Soul Sound Session introduces a series of exclusive Neo Soul Today mixes containing songs that have what I refer to as the alternative rock sound.

Many are unaware that a handful neo soul songs have an alternative rock flavor rich with elements of acoustic or electric guitar, the treble of cymbals, all uniquely combined with modern soul. Some may even question it. That's understandable since the sound is fairly abstract and difficult to articulate in words as I've attempted to do in earlier posts on the different sounds of neo soul. Well, now with Neo Soul Sound Sessions @ Neo Soul Today, you can let your ears be the judge. Give these tracks a listen and then let me know if you see where I'm coming from now. (For more background on my perspective on the different sounds of neo soul, see "
Neo Soul Lexicon: Sound.")

I love this rare aspect of neo soul. I wish more artists would make some songs that delve into this sound. Among these seven tracks, my favorite is track 1, Rise, by Ian featuring Robin McElhatten from the 2002 compilation album Organic Soul Vol. 1 (
Soul Brother Records).

I hope you enjoy it and I welcome your feedback via comments.

Listen to "The Alternative Rock Sound - Vol. 1"

"The Alternative Rock Sound - Vol. 1" Track Listing
1. Rise - Ian (feat. Robin McElhatten), Organic Soul Vol. 1
2. Voyager - Les Nubians, Princesses Nubiennes
3. Don't Disturb the Peace - Ladybug Mecca, Trip the Light Fantastic
4. They-Say Vision - RES, How I Do
5. Dust - Van Hunt, Van Hunt
6. Golden Boys - RES, How Do I
7. You Never Get Over It - Ladybug Mecca, Trip the Light Fantastic


At October 19, 2005 1:25 AM, Blogger Berry said...

This is great! I have recently really started getting into alternative rock. I used to dabble a bit (MTV and all) but now I feel like it is a nice balance for the other stuff that is ot on the airwaves.

At June 09, 2006 7:59 PM, Blogger Nina said...

Ive been listening to alternative rock for years, I just started listening to neo soul...through sade, and then india aries brown skin I was sold. Ive always noticed that about the 'alternative rock sound the twist is mutual, Van Hunts guitar, but Coldplays whole album.

I can get away with listening to rock through neo soul, but it turns out I just love the sound of a guitar.


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